Vegetarian Product Accreditation (V-MARK)

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Vegetarian Product Accreditation (V-MARK)

Vegan certification is tested for compliance with vegan criteria by an impartial, independent and accredited laboratory for vegan individuals, i.e. people who do not consume any products from animals and avoid using animal products (beverages, food, cosmetics, clothing, etc.) in their daily routines. it is the certificate they receive after being approved and approved.

Vegetarian Product Accreditation (V-MARK)

The purchasing decisions of individuals who have adopted the vegan lifestyle are more strict, thoughtful and conscious. Every day, veganism is spreading around the world, and these consumers are looking for plant-based vegan products with a vegan certification mark. Vegan individuals are strict about the fact that all daily use products, not just food and drink, are vegan. These products are cosmetics, clean products, detergents, textile products, furniture, etc. It includes everything necessary in a human life like.

Any manufacturer can claim that the product is 100% vegan, but this claim means nothing to the savvy vegan consumer. The vegan consumer is extremely conscious and researches the ingredients of each product and prefers the product that he is sure to comply with vegan standards. However, most of the products are not transparent about the type of production, where the resources are obtained, whether there is a situation that does not comply with vegan standards in the supply chain, and because there is no mechanism that controls these standards, the vegan consumer prefers vegan certified products with vegan labels.

A labeled product with vegan accreditation creates trust for the vegan consumer without the manufacturer having to prove himself in different ways. Thus, the manufacturer creates a more reliable brand perception and becomes the first choice for the consumer.

The vegan certified product does not only target the vegan consumer, even if it is not vegan, it is preferred by any conscious consumer who cares about nature, ecosystem, living life and sustainability.

When you decide to get vegan certification, the most important thing to consider is to work with a reliable, impartial and independent organization.

You should also make sure that the organization is nationally and internationally accredited and that the certificate it offers you is valid all over the world.

After the manufacturer's application is received, the inspection and control process (the conformity due diligence activities in which the production, product content and stages are controlled by visual and experimental methods) is completed and the certificate is prepared if the conformity assessment for the relevant product is positive.

The vegan vegetarian accreditation process continues with you sharing a detailed list of the products and ingredients for which you want to be certified, as well as the production facility, production process, cleaning protocols and any equipment or production line. The certification process is usually completed in 1-3 weeks.

Our team of experts will be happy to answer and assist you with any questions regarding vegan certification.